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      Tangshan Fengnan District Hefeng metal products Co., Ltd

      Customer Service

      Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customers' expectations, and become customers' forever partners. This is the service concept that we always adhere to and advocate.

      1、 Every step, the first thought is that the consumer's consumption concept has changed after the enterprise changes from the seller's market to the buyer's market. In the face of many goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods (or services). The quality here not only refers to the internal quality of products, but also includes a series of factors such as the packaging quality and service quality of products. Therefore, we must meet the needs of consumers to a large extent. Among them, the establishment of each organization, the change of service process, etc., should be centered on customer needs, and establish a quick response mechanism to customer opinions.

      2、 The customer is always right. First, the customer is the buyer of the goods, not the trouble maker. Second, the customer knows his own needs and hobbies best, which is exactly the information that the enterprise needs to collect. Third, because the customer has "natural consistency", the quarrel with the same customer is the quarrel with all customers.

      3、 Three elements of customer satisfaction: Commodity satisfaction: refers to the satisfaction of customers with the quality of commodities. Service satisfaction: refers to the positive attitude of customers towards the pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service of the purchased goods. No matter how perfect a commodity is or how reasonable its price is, when it comes to the market, it must rely on services. "After sales service makes long-term customers". Enterprise image satisfaction: refers to the public's positive evaluation of the comprehensive strength and overall impression of the enterprise.

      4、 5S concept "5S" refers to the abbreviation of five words: "smile, speed, honesty, smart and study". "5S" concept is a representative service culture innovation, which not only has the characteristics of human nature, but also has considerable operability. Smile: a moderate smile. Shopping guide should be considerate to customers, so as to make a real smile. Smile can reflect the heart of gratitude and the tolerance of the heart, smile can show cheerful, healthy and considerate. Quick: refers to "quick action" It has two meanings: one is the physical speed, i.e. work as fast as possible and don't let customers wait for a long time; the other is the speed on the demonstration, the sincere action and considerate heart of the shopping guide will cause customers' satisfaction, so that they don't think the waiting time is too long, express their vitality with rapid action and don't let customers wait is an important measure of service quality. Sincerity: if the shopping guide is sincere in serving customers with all his / her heart, customers will surely feel it. To work in a sincere and not hypocritical manner is an important basic mentality and basic principle of dealing with people. Dexterity: refers to "shrewdness, neatness and neatness". Receive customers in a clean way, pack products with smart, agile and elegant actions, and gain customers' trust with flexible and ingenious working attitude. Research: to learn and master commodity knowledge at all times, to study customer psychology and reception and coping skills. On weekdays, more efforts should be made to study customers' shopping psychology, sales and service skills, and more professional knowledge of commodities, which will not only improve the level of customer reception, but also make better achievements. Of course, the first thing we do business is to make money, but not only for money, not for profit. Profit is the reward for good service. The process of pursuing profits is to make customers return the money willingly in the satisfaction center, without complaint and with gratitude. Don't rush for quick success and instant profit, and make services plunder, extort and cheat.

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